Good photographs are more about photographers than the gear they use. But gear always seems to be a topic of some interest regardless of its real place in the conversation.  So, if anyone is interested and for what it’s worth, here is a quick rundown of my “gear”.

The photographic work I'm currently doing is mostly, start to finish, digital. My images are captured with a  Sony NEX-7  mirrorless camera, a Sony RX10 M3 or a Sony RX100 M3. Or, alternately,  a Sony TX30,  a truly point and shoot camera. Obviously I’ve pretty much committed to the Sony line at present. But just for fun, sometimes I shoot film with a plastic Holga and scan them or really geek-out and shoot with the Galaxy S7 smartphone..

 Images are then downloaded from the digital media cards to my "digital darkroom" on a MacBook Pro computer and adjusted or “re-imagined” in Adobe  Lightroom and/or Photoshop CC. To be honest, the vast majority of my images are managed and edited just in Lightroom. The "developed" images are printed in-house on acid-free archival matte paper with an Epson Stylus Pro 3800 pigment system inkjet printer and mounted on acid-free mounting board.

I use tripods regularly—a Gitzo G1228 with an Acratech ball head or a very nifty Trekpro monopod  and sometimes a Gorrillapod.  Like a lot of photographers I have too many camera bags. My current favorites are M-Rock Sling bags and a Kata backpack, though with the mirrorless cameras I’m finding a smaller Messenger style bag to be more than adequate.

But of all the “stuff” I use, by far the most important “tools” are my eyes and head.

Happy shooting with whatever your gear happens to be.